WKPep®Conopeptide Wins Prestigious Annual Raw Material Award at InnoCosme 2024


Our groundbreaking ingredient WKPep®Conopeptide has been honored with the prestigious Annual Raw Material Award, and our Director of Research and Development, Dr. Liu, has been recognized with the Annual Master Engineer Award at InnoCosme 2024.

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InnoCosme, known as the China International Technology Summit, serves as a platform for industry regulators, hospitals, scientific research institutes, and cosmetic brands to converge and discuss the latest trends and advancements in the field.


During the summit, we presented a keynote address on the innovative ingredient WKPep®Conopeptide and actively engaging in discussions on the role of Synthetic Biology in product innovation.

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Exploring the Role of Synthetic Biology in Sustainable Beauty

Winkey's participation in the 'Round Table Discussion: Exploring the Role of Synthetic Biology Technology in Product Innovation' highlighted the transformative impact of Synthetic Biology on the cosmetic industry, particularly concerning sustainability and eco-friendliness.


Synthetic Biology offers a sustainable approach to product development by shifting from traditional chemical methods to biological synthesis. “This transition reduces reliance on organic solvents and minimizes the production of environmentally unfriendly chemical by-products. Over the past decade, Winkey has embraced this approach, utilizing fermentation and enzyme processes to create eco-friendly peptides and products like WKPep®Carnosine and WActive®NMN.”, said Dr. Liu.


In terms of sustainability, we discussed and highlighted challenges related to extracting valuable resources from plants in unique environments or endangered species, such as high-altitude or extremely cold regions, and rare or endangered species like Reishi mushroom, Cordyceps, and Ginseng. Winkey is pioneering a green bio-synthesis approach to address these challenges, ensuring the protection of valuable resources and the promotion of sustainability.

“Our commitment to Synthetic Biology isn't just about innovation – it's about responsibility. We're not merely meeting industry standards; we're redefining them to contribute positively to both the cosmetic industry and sustainable development,” said Dr. Liu, R&D Director.