Explore cosmetic technology trends and the future of innovative ingredients, Winkey Seminar was held in Shanghai


On December 28th, the seminar on 'Innovative Peptides · Ingredients in Future' unfolded successfully in Shanghai. The seminar had gathered domestic and international industry experts, attracting numerous representatives from outstanding enterprises. Together, they delved into discussions on cutting-edge technological trends and the future of innovative ingredients. This event provided a comprehensive exploration of issues and challenges in cosmetic industry from the technical, application, and practical perspectives, paving the way for the new directions and future in 2024.


The current innovation in cosmetic raw material requires breakthroughs in ingredient innovation to genuinely address practical issues at their root. In comparison to innovations in production technology, ingredient innovation faces more challenges, such as safety, stability, efficacy, and toxicity. Dr. Wenfeng Ding, the founder of Winkey, remarked, 'Ingredient innovation is challenging, but we must engage in difficult yet essential endeavors. Pharmaceuticals fulfill the essential needs of human life, while peptides cater to the desire for beauty – both involve issues of ingredient’s activity.


The conference has the honor of featuring Dr. Jadir Nunes, former President of IFSCC, as one of our keynote speakers. Dr. Jadir Nunes shared insights from an international perspective, discussing industry trends and insights into the development of the beauty and cosmetics sector. Not only the presentation had showcased the latest research findings in the industry, but it also provided attendees with a wealth of knowledge and new perspectives.


The research team at Winkey has made significant strides in the field of peptides, particularly in the development of peptides targeting specific features. Utilizing Computational-Aided Drug Design (CADD) and Artificial Intelligence-Driven Drug Discovery (AIDD) technologies, they have accelerated the process of raw material development and innovation, crafting innovative and highly potent ingredients.