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Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8
It is a true neurocosmetic specifically designed to prevent and reverse signs
of neurogenic inflammation, as well as an innovative tripeptide linked to a lipid
for optimal penetration and efficacy. It calms and soothes irritated skin and
helps to maintain and restore a normal skin sensitivity threshold.
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It contains various kinds of high active peptides, strongly repair barrier of skin,
reduce water loss of skin, renew the skin, anti-inflammation, relieve and repair
skin injury caused by hormone and chemical stimulation
WKPep®Copper Peptide
Copper Tripeptide-1
It is a signal peptide which promotes the production of collagen,elastin,
proteoglycan,GAGs, effectively relieve and repair skin injury due to hormone
and chemical stimulation, especially excellent effect for eliminating redness and swelling.
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Instantly anti-itching, relieve inflammation, redness and swelling. With
functions of anti-inflammation, anti-irritant,reduce redness and swelling, it can
prevent and relieve the inflammation, meanwhile keep skin sensitiveness,
especially applicable for anti-sensitive.



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