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It is a biomimetic peptide which inhibits the synthesis of melanin originally
induced by α-MSH. Whitening, spot-removing, as well as preventing
hyperpigmentation. Mild, no discoloration and high stability in the formula.
Strong anti-glycation, brighten the skin, protect cells against oxidative stress,
anti-wrinkle and anti-aging to help restore skin elasticity,firming skin, repair
fine lines filled.
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It contains nonapeptide and dipeptide, brighten and whiten the skin, fade
out the spot, improve dark yellow skin and red blood. Originally inhibit the
hyperpigmentation, scavenge free radical, anti-glycation, chelating metal ion.
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It has an indirect mechanism by influencing keratinocyte/melanocyte
communication to inhibit the melanogenesis, with excellent whitening and
spot-removing function, brighten the skin evenly and prevent the skin
blackening after laser surgery.
Refer technical data sheet
It is researched based on regulatory mechanism of melanin, block signal
transmission of pathway for melanin production from multi-target outside cell,
inhibit melanin originally. It is safe, whitening and spot-removing, meanwhile
prevent hyperpigmentation due to inflammation. No irritation, no discoloration
with high stability in the formula.
GSH content in human blood is 26~34mg/100g with function of scavenging
free radical, anti-aging, whitening and spot-removing,brighten the skin and
anti-inflammation(UV protect, etc.)



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