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It is compound peptide with glycine,histidine and lysine; promote proliferation
and differentiation of epidermis cell and synthesis of I collagen,Ⅲcollagen and
glycosaminoglycan, inhibit secretion of "fibration" growth factor, repairing the
skin, replenish the collagen,anti-aging, improve the wrinkle and scar.
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It is a compound peptide for skin care comprehensively, overall improve
appearance of skin due to aging from defense to activation of cell of epidermis,
basement membrane and corium layer. Effectively repair the skin, promote
firmness, sofeness and elasticity of skin, improve quiescent wrinkles,
long-lasting anti-aging.
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4
Effectively prevent and improve various facial wrinkles, such as crow's-feet,
forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, etc.with hexapeptide and pentapeptide.
Replenish the collagen and polysaccharide,improve idensity and firmness
of skin.
Strong anti-glycation, brighten the skin, protect cells against oxidative stress,
anti-wrinkle and anti-aging to help restore skin elasticity,firming skin,
repair fine lines filled.
carnosine HCL
It is origin from decarboxylic reaction of carnosine with strong anti-glycation
and scavenge free radical, have better tolerance for degrading enzyme in
vivo than carnosine, more stable.
WKPep®Copper Peptide
Copper Tripeptide-1
Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4
Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5
Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12
Refer technical data sheet
It is a signal peptide which promotes the production of collagen,elastin,
proteoglycan,GAGs, as a activating agent of tissue remodeling, promote the
degradation of numbers of collagens from external scar. Therefore, it can be
used to repair the skin,improve skin elasticity and firmness,brighten the skin;
fade out scar,prevent skin from photo damage. Besids it can be used in hair
growth formula.
It is named as "microcollagen", activate the synthesis of collagen, sucrose
osamine and hyaluronic acid, long-lasting anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.
It can reduce any types of wrinkles by activating TGF-β to replenish the
collagen, as effective and safe replacement for collagen injection.
It is origin from Spring fragment of collagen to boost the synthesis of elastin,
improve skin elasticity and firmness, especially be useful for increasing the
skin suppleness.
Boost dermal collagen regeneration, repair basilar membrane and corium layer,
it can be used in the formula of anti-acne, anti-wrinkle and repairing.
Long-lasting anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, improve the skin,fill the quiescent wrinkles.
It is a hexapeptide which promotes fibroblast the synthesis of collagen and
elastion, enhance elasticity and firmness of skin, fill the quiescent wrinkles,
steady hair follicle.



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