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Obviously fade dynamic fine lines around 30mins like botox, block the
transmission of nerve signals, fade out the wrinkle, no need injection.
It is safe to reduce eyes wrinkle, forehead wrinkle, nasolabial folds, etc,
milder and effective replacement for botox.
Refer technical data sheet
Block the transmission of nerve signals like botox, instant anti-wrinkle,
fade out dynamic fine lines, well used in skin care for anti-wrinkle,
it is safer and milder for replacement of botox.
Acetyl Octapeptide-3
Reduce the wrinkle by inhibiting facial muscle contraction,especially
around forehead and eyes. It is milder and more effective than
botox, as well as more active than Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
Refer technical data sheet
It is upgrade item of WKPep ® Akine, instantly and effectively reduce
expression wrinkle like botox, such as eyes wrinkle, forehead wrinkle,
prominent nasolabial fold, etc. It is safer and milder for replacement
of botox.
Refer technical data sheet
It mimics peptide toxin of marine organism--conotoxin, inhibit effectively muscle contraction, strong penetrability, high stability ,instantly fade out dynamic



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